A Gaming Christmas

The prompt for today is “The presents have been opened and dinner has been eaten, so you’ve got a bit of time for gaming while Gran is snoozing on the sofa. What’s the best video game to play during the holidays?”. Thanks Later Levels for this one as there are lots of games which could be perfect for this time of year.

This prompt could easily link back to the post from a few days ago in my favourite Christmas gaming memory. I mean board games and the video games which recreate some of these, like Trivial Pursuit, are perfect for this time of year. Getting family together also means lots of people to arm with a controller and try to cook in Overcooked. Or Mario Kart or Mario Party (any iteration of these) would be fantastic family fun. Anything that brings people together when you have family round like this would be perfect.

For games that I would play myself and would say is the best to play over the holidays I would say Pokémon. I have had quite a few Pokémon games as Christmas presents over the years so there is a bit of an association for me between Pokémon and Christmas. Also, any game that lets you delve into a story and go on an adventure is a good holiday game. You have some more time and on you go with it. It can be cold outside but you transport yourself to another world and go on an adventure. Last year over Christmas holidays I was playing the Mass Effect trilogy, an adventure with fantastic characters which saw me through the holidays and beyond so I would quite like to do something like that again this year. I’d recommend something that you can get invested in for a long period of time. Lots of adventures, lots of characters to meet, lots of places to explore.

What would you choose as the best video game to play during the holidays? Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “A Gaming Christmas

      1. Oh god the truck levels are terrible and result in us all yelling at each other before assigning blame for the kitchen catching fire! Tremendous fun though!


      2. Well yes there will be a part of yelling and assigning blame but that’s part of the fun with Overcooked. The truck levels and the ice levels are horrible. So many fires and falling off of the kitchens. Such good fun.

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