A Video Game Vehicle To Help Santa

Later Levels latest prompt in the Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration series centres around helping a worried Santa. The prompt for today says “You’re woken from your drunken haze by another frantic call from Santa, who’s worried he’s not going to make all his deliveries in time. Which video game item or vehicle would you recommend for him?”. Now video game transport can be tricky. Adventure Rules recently asked me to choose video game transport for my personal ride and that was a tough one. I have very different requirements to Santa. My needs are much more down to earth and require far less mileage especially all in one night.


Again absolutely accurate representation… the other reindeer are just getting checked over before joining.

If you want to make deliveries fast you absolutely need speed. It has to go round the world and fit presents for everyone. Space for the reindeer to take a well-earned rest would be ideal as I’m sure they would appreciate it. Besides they won’t want to miss out on their carrots left out specially on Christmas Eve by families all round the world.

Now you could pick cars like the Batmobile for speed, or just about anything in a racing game, but these don’t necessarily have the space required. Going a bit outside the box I considered that the Lego Helicarrier from Lego Marvel Super Heroes. It has the space. The reindeer can rest their legs for a while, safe in the knowledge that the presents can be delivered quickly without them having to get the sleigh travelling faster than normal. Lots of helpers if Santa gets worried about timing for present delivery, and access to lots of vehicles for anyone who needs to help out. Santa would have his pick. The Helicarrier can get around easily and circling the world whilst Santa does his deliveries would be no problem. Also with heroes like Iron Man hanging around I’m sure anything can be accomplished. Although be careful that Tony Stark wouldn’t try to invent something to help that would cause mayhem… But have you ever stepped on a Lego piece? It might hurt… and being built to fit Lego minifigs it could be a bit small for Santa and the reindeer. Maybe we best find another method.

I did think about games which have helicopters in them. However, they often don’t have the best track record. I mean Lara Croft witnesses a helicopter crash in Tomb Raider. I can’t risk Santa delivering by helicopter, at least not helicopters that might be sent by people involved in the video game world. Planes have been a regular feature in video games over the years. So, they would make a simple, and unfortunately rather regular suggestion. They may be a good option but I want to suggest something different for Santa if I can. Something a bit more impressive if possible.

Then I had a thought. A mythical creature. A creature who could (most likely) travel the world. You could (probably) travel with a lot of baggage aka presents for the people of the world. Though I’d ask first just to make sure. Yes I am thinking of a dragon (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch – a game which I have to admit I haven’t played myself but I remember being told about this bit and it has stuck in my head). If the reindeer and some elves were able to help out (and if the elves wanted to/were allowed to leave the workshop to help) they could travel by plane and help out. Santa, however, could travel with presents by dragon. I mean that would be pretty impressive. Like I say just make sure you ask the dragon first as I’m sure they would not be happy to be forced to transport someone and lots of baggage without asking.

What vehicle/video game item would you recommend to Santa to help out? Let me know your choices and check out any other bloggers who are taking part in this Christmas collaboration.

10 thoughts on “A Video Game Vehicle To Help Santa

  1. I love Ni no Kuni! One of my all-time favorite games, definitely worth a play.
    More on the subject, Santa riding a dragon to deliver presents sounds pretty amazing. I’d love to hear the Christmas song someone makes of that!

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    1. It would make an awesome Christmas song and image for a card too. It is one of those games that I have missed and really should try to play, a friend was telling me how awesome it is and the talk of riding a dragon has stuck in my head since then.

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      1. I highly recommend the game. Probably my favorite portrayal of wizards/sorcerers in gaming, and the story features some excellent misunderstood villains – no one is evil for evil’s sake and even their most despicable actions have a motivation that comes from a good place. Everyone has a story.

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      2. Ah now I might have to try to play it. It does sound so good, just one of those ones that sort of passed me by before. I may get round to it one day but I like the sound of everyone having a story and the villains having motivations that come from a good place. Thanks for the recommendation. My friend that talked to me about it will agree with your recommendation and probably hopes this means I get round to it sooner.

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    1. Well I did choose the Batmobile for my personal video game vehicle so I didn’t want to choose it twice and so soon. Plus Santa has lots of deliveries to make. I still think it’s a good choice.


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