A Musical Party

The latest prompt for Later Levels Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration event involves video game soundtracks. Specifically, “It’s now Christmas Eve and you’re throwing a lively party for all your friends, family and favourite characters. Which video game soundtracks would be on your playlist?”. Video game soundtracks are not something that I often listen to if I am honest, well not anymore. My memory of the soundtracks is limited in terms of off the top of my head knowledge beyond really iconic theme music. However, delving into my memory and through the help of the all-knowing Google and YouTube for reminders of what the score to games sounded like I came up with a short mix and match playlist of favourites that I would have to include.

I have to mention and big up this tune. It is Pokémon. Listen I promise I won’t mention Pokemon for absolutely everything… but I love this version of the theme. Also the video is wonderful. So this is Pokémon Dubstep Remix – Lindsey Stirling & Kurt Hugo Schneider (Cover) and I think it works really well. To be honest I really enjoy the versions of gaming music that Lindsey Stirling has put on YouTube so I would check out some more of them for this party. I mean the Halo theme, Assassin’s Creed III and Zelda music all sound fantastic. Perfect for this party.

I also have to make sure that iconic music, even more so than Pokémon, is included. I mean we have to have at least one piece that is going to remind people of their childhood and one that can take you back. The game for that job has to involve a certain plumber. The music from Mario games is really recognisable and sure to make people happy. The problem is there are so many Mario games, all have wonderful music so choosing one soundtrack to include here is problematic. I mean there are so many. In the end I am just going to highlight one piece of music, the Super Mario Bros. theme, and say that I would include lots of other music from Mario games, perhaps some from Super Mario Galaxy.

I loved Life is Strange. The style, the music, the choices. Though don’t make me redo that horrible nightmare bit… So some of the music from there would need to make its way onto my playlist. I’ll add in Obstacles by Syd Matters specifically but I could easily add in the rest of the soundtrack.

Some music from Mass Effect would also have to make it in. Perhaps some of the pieces from this compilation I found when trying to choose a couple of pieces to add in here. There are too many to choose from!

I also have to mention Rayman Legends. It has such wonderful music, so would need some time on my playlist. The soundtrack is here and I couldn’t choose what specific pieces to highlight here (once again) because every time I thought I had chosen some to highlight I changed my mind. Have a listen yourself and see what you think.

Again there are so many games out there which I could choose. So many individual pieces from games that I could mention. This prompt I thought would be so difficult because off the top of my head I was finding it difficult. However, coming to the end of writing this I am thinking of more and more games I would want to include. Therefore I will stop here for now before this carries on all day…

Are there any soundtracks that would have to make their way onto your playlist? Let me know in the comments. Check out the posts from Later Levels and anyone else taking part in this Creative Christmas event to see what they would choose.

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      1. Wife and I found the music made them easier compared to Origins but we still found them difficult. I think we let them beat us in the end.

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