A Helping Hand for Santa and the Elves

Later Levels has challenged other bloggers with some festive themed blog questions as part of a Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration I decided to take part and try to post answers to as many of the prompts as possible. For today Later Levels asks “You receive a call from Santa, as the elves desperately need a hand in the workshop getting all the toys ready. Which video game character would you recruit to help out?”.


Totally accurate picture of the outside of Santa’s workshop…

Now there are lots of characters who could help out. What you need is someone who can put his/her hands to a variety of crafts, building and fixing situations. Someone who is organised. Someone who is helpful and willing to work with people. Someone to keep things upbeat rather than add stress to the situation.

You could ask (Lego) Tony Stark from Lego Marvel Avengers. Adept at inventing and fixing things Mr Stark could be perfect to help get the toys ready. However, you do run the risk that he will go overboard and get a bit too creative with technology. His size as a lego minifig could also slow you down if Santa and the elves need a hand with, well, any toy larger than a minifig. So maybe his skills would not help in this case.

Another possible helper would be Jacob and Evie Frye. Yes, they are assassins so maybe not the friendliest of characters to help Santa and the elves. However, they work well as a team, and liberated London from the clutches of the Templars. They freed children of London, and formed a gang who would be available to help assist in the workshop on the command of Jacob and Evie. This would mean instead of one person helping the elves, you could get hundreds. Though would they have the skills required? I mean Jacob and Evie can craft outfits and weapons and so could perhaps assist, but the rest of the Rooks be able to take their hand to this sort of thing? Hmm maybe, maybe not.

My mind then went to one character… a very famous character and also Question of the Month for December (also hosted by Later Levels). The Question of the Month for December asked “which video game character would do a better job than Santa?”. Why did the question of someone to help Santa bring me back to Question of the Month? Well The Mental Attic chose Mario for his answer. Mario was the next person that came to mind, because he has done a little bit of everything. As a plumber he will be quite good at fixing things and can probably put his hand to making toys. Mario is also well loved by children as a gaming character and as Santa has probably given a lot of people Mario games and items Mario may wish to help out as a thank you to Santa. Also he is good at keeping things upbeat despite the circumstances so he could keep things happy in the workshop and the toys could get made in time.

Yep, it has got to be Mario.

Who would you choose? Let me know in the comments.

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