A Trip Down (Christmas) Gaming Memory Lane

Christmas is always a time for memories, one way or another. Snow on Christmas always makes a good memory (maybe this year too *fingers crossed*). Seeing family. The awkward moment when a pet dog decides it wants to taste test the food… It was fine they only got to one plate and a jug of gravy before being caught and there was plenty that wasn’t licked left in the kitchen to go around. Christmas films and specials on TV. Ah Christmas.

For today’s challenge as part of Later Levels Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration Kim has posed the following question: “You’re wrapping presents while listening to cheesy festive tunes, and start to reminisce about holidays past. What’s your favourite Christmas gaming memory?”.

This one made me think of getting a new game and playing it as a child as that was so exciting. To be fair if you get me a game for Christmas now it is still exciting to me… maybe I’m just a big kid. Naming some of them would definitely be up there as favourite Christmas gaming memories. But my absolute favourite Christmas gaming memory was actually much more recent. In fact it was last year.

*cue flashback music*

Last year on Christmas after the presents had been opened and food had been eaten, we were all settling down to have a laugh and relax. So Player 2 and I decided to play some games… some co-op and some a tad more competitive. We were spending Christmas with my parents who aren’t exactly big game fans though they sometimes like watching what we play. So, they were sat watching us and laughing at us/with us. They were offered controllers to join in but declined, enjoying egging us on or laughing when we did something daft.

The main games which caused such fun and laughter (and a little big of competitiveness) were Hasbro Family Game Night 3, Hasbro Family Fun Pack and Overcooked (that might have been New Years Day though but I think it was Christmas as well). There were a couple of others but the main source of entertainment were these games (Overcooked is fantastic for this) and our general knowledge on some subjects in Trivial Pursuit being awful… and those subjects being what the AI picked given the option. Family fun times are my favourite Christmas gaming memories and these definitely gave me that. Maybe this year there will be more from all of these games. Maybe I should start practicing now…

What are your favourite gaming related Christmas memories?

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