A Present for Someone Special

Today’s post comes courtesy of the wonderful Later Levels and the Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration. Kim posed some intriguing questions for 12 days worth of blog posts. I thought this was such a fantastic idea and looked forward to taking part.

Today is the first day of posts and the question for today is “You need to choose a gift for someone special and go online to check out the video game item catalogue. Who is this person and what present would you select for them?“.


Presents wrapped and ready to go! No peeking!

My someone special has to be my Player 2. There have been a lot of happy moments this year but there have been lots of difficult ones as well especially recently. Player 2 deserves some extra present magic this year. I am deliberately going to steer clear of anything I have bought for Christmas presents just in case Player 2 is reading this…. *waves* hi if you are! Just in case I accidentally spoil a surprise.

So if I had some Christmas magic and there was no limit on what I could buy then Player 2 would be receiving Star Trek: Bridge Crew… only a few minor difficulties here for me to actually get this like no VR capabilities, no PS4 and I’m unsure if the PC has the spec to run it if we did have the potential for using VR. If I could make it so that I could give this as a present with all the VR tech that is required I would because Player 2 is a massive Star Trek fan. I know being able to be on the bridge of the Enterprise would be like a dream come true, so perhaps being on the bridge of the USS Aegis in VR would be close. If I could have some Christmas magic to give some Christmas magic I would. Although I may lose Player 2 if this was under the tree on Christmas morning… I mean if I could actually get to see the USS Aegis (or indeed Enterprise) in person that would be the ultimate gift. Possibly would require a bit more magic than I can muster.

An alternative and slightly more realistic present would be a lot simpler but is something that I know would be appreciated. We both adore the art in video games, and one of Player 2’s favourite game series is Gears of War. As such I would buy this book of the Art of Gears of War 4. To go with this, I may have to purchase a couple of Gears of War Pop figures. Such as Brumak, Marcus Fenix or Kait Diaz. It might not be all fancy and shiny (or take you on board the USS Aegis), but it is something that would be enjoyed and would add to the Gears of War collection that Player 2 has. I know it is simple but sometimes the simple things are enough to transport you back to the good times and remind you of games you love.

Come back soon for more posts as part of Later Levels Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration and look out for other bloggers taking part.

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