A Charming and Open Idea: My New Ride

Robert Ian Shepard over at Adventure Rules posted a Charming and Open community event. The idea is that you can ask him a question about video games, tabletops or blogging, and this question will be answered in a blog post. In return, if you choose to accept it, he will ask a question which you can answer in a blog post. This sounded fun and I eventually thought of a question… although I asked one that was asked the first time this event was run. I really should have checked first (sorry)! However, as my question was quite open he decided he could answer it again with a different response. So my question was “If you could take a holiday in any gaming location where would you choose to go and how would you spend your holiday there?”. In return I have been asked “If you could choose one mode of transportation from a video game to be your personal ride, what would you choose?”.

Hmm… intriguing. Of course there are lots of transportation options available for choosing.

As a Harry Potter fan I did have to delve into the wizarding world and some of the games allow you to fly broomsticks and play Quidditch. I mean this would be so cool. Easy to park, and you could probably just take it into work with you and stand it by your desk. Traffic jams would be no problem as you fly above the cars. You can take a more direct route from A to B as you don’t need to stick to the roads. Speed shouldn’t be a problem either. But as much as there are positives, I don’t think I could choose this. It would make me feel a part of the world but how would you carry your food shopping back home? I mean I suspect you could only balance a few bags on the broom or tie them on the end but it might throw your balance off. Not the most practical. Also in the cold weather at least a car keeps you sheltered from the harsh weather and has heaters. Hmm maybe a broomstick wouldn’t be the best choice.

How about a pirate ship? Oh it’s a pirates life for me… Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag allows you to sail the seven seas aboard a pirate ship. Complete with crew who will sing sea shanties for you. I mean this would look impressive. Plenty of space aboard. Just a tiny flaw in my plan… I wouldn’t be able to travel by ship to and from work or to the shops or anything like that. Though I would be able to live aboard my ship so I would just need to be able to get to work. Maybe if I lived and worked near the sea. Until then, however, I have to think again.

Maybe we should travel back and head to the car showroom. That might be more suitable. Here there are lots of options. There are the racing cars from Mario Kart which would inject some joy into your day. Again, not perfect, but at least it is a vehicle I could use to get to and from work. There are the gorgeous cars in Forza games but that is a bit too real life and a bit dull for this question.
Now if I broaden the scope to slightly modified cars. Vehicles with speed, space to hold things. Vehicles that can speed around town and I can call to me when I’m ready to go. Yes I am talking about the Batmobile. The Arkham series gives you this wonderful Batmobile and it definitely featured prominently in Arkham Knight. I mean you can call it to you so it doesn’t overly matter where you park it as you don’t need to traipse around car parks searching for it. It gets checked out extensively and can be upgraded if required. I mean the grapple claw could be useful if I need rescuing. It can turn easily and go at speed. It has space for passengers (or villains) which I’m sure could double as space for shopping. It is armoured so if you have an accident then you will be well protected. Also, who wouldn’t want to see the Batmobile on their driveway? I mean comic book fans, gamers and kids alike would get such a buzz of seeing that drive down the street so I could spread some happiness as I go. Though I might be expected to be Batman which could cause a slight problem but I am sure that could be dealt with. Car insurance may be through the roof in case of villains taking over the city and attacking the Batmobile expecting Batman, but that is unlikely.
So what would you choose as your ride from video game transportation? Let me know in the comments. Also check out the answer to my question over on Adventure Rules.

7 thoughts on “A Charming and Open Idea: My New Ride

  1. I love that you factored in whether you would be able to go grocery shopping – sounds exactly like the sort of thing I would do! The Batmobile is a sweet ride and I think it should suit your purposes quite well.

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    1. To be fair I may not have factored in grocery shopping if I hadn’t been working out what to buy for Christmas dinner this week. It is an important consideration though and led me to the Batmobile which is really cool. Thanks for the question, it was great fun trying to answer it.

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  2. Reblogged this on Adventure Rules and commented:
    For this morning’s edition of Adventure Rules Remastered, we’re revisiting a great Charming and Open submission by The Gaming Diaries all about the video game vehicle she’d want to have in real life. I loved the practical considerations she included and her ultimate conclusion is quite interesting. You’ll definitely want to check this one out!

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