A Blog Update

Hello dear readers!  My blog has been a bit quiet this month, and last month, but fear not I have some posts lined up and I hope you will all have a read when they are posted.


I have a post to come to form part of the Charming and Open event hosted by Robert Ian Shepard over at Adventure Rules.  He offered other bloggers the chance to ask him a question which he would respond to in a blog post.  In return, he would ask anyone who posed a question one question for them to respond to.  I asked him “If you could take a holiday in any gaming location what place would you choose to go and how would you spend your holiday there?”.  Sadly he was asked that at a previous Charming and Open event (oops I really should have checked out the last one before asking the question).  However, as it is open enough he will be answering this one again.  Thanks!  Now for my question: “if you could choose one mode of transportation from a video game to be your personal ride, what would you choose?”.  I have a post on this very question coming up soon, but have some edits to make before it goes live.


I will also be leaping into the Creative Christmas: a gaming collaboration hosted by Later Levels.  This looked like such fun so I have been busy sorting some posts to take part in this.  There is a prompt for 12 days with a variety of topics.  Check out the original post to see what Kim has challenged other bloggers to answer.  Expect to see some posts here from the 19th December and look out for posts from other bloggers taking part too.


I have been planning some posts for 2018 as well so I can get back in a blogging rhythm.  Hopefully with some time off over Christmas I can get writing, and maybe finish some of the draft posts I have waiting for editing.  Things are all go here and hopefully these plans will come together.


5 thoughts on “A Blog Update

    1. I’m looking forward to reading what everyone else posts. I’ve got answers for about half of the prompts, and hoping to get a few more posts written if I can. It is such a fun idea so thanks for starting it!


  1. I am getting ready to pen my answer to your question right now, after taking some time to think it over. I look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with too!

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