A Christmas gift idea

Christmas is on it’s way.  The tinsel is appearing, trees are being decorated, snow may be starting to fall or be forecast, either way jumpers are being worn and gloves are out.  Most importantly advent has begun and chocolate is now a dietary staple.  Though personally I have got myself a Lego advent calendar just because.


This time of year is good fun because I love finding little gifts for people.  So if you have a gamer in your life and you aren’t quite sure what to get them for Christmas this list should hopefully give you some ideas.  If you need any more ideas then head over to Later Levels for their Dear Santa: gamers gift guide and to AmbiGaming for their Priority: Gift Giving post.


I could easily create a list with games, consoles (*cough* Nintendo Switch please *cough*) and headsets on it, but I have stayed away from these things and focused on a variety of items which could suit most budgets.



Santa Pikachu says happy present buying and giving!


Why not find a T-shirt or hoodie that suits the gamer you know.  Insert Coin do some amazing looking video game inspired clothing, covering games from Bioshock to Yooka Laylee.  Personally I really like the Pokémon, Life is Strange and Mass Effect designs.  Depending on what you are wanting to buy you could find something here from £22 for a T-shirt.  Staying on the subject of clothing, a Christmas jumper may be required.  Especially for a Christmas meal.  If you think your gamer will not meet the Christmas jumper code then why not get them a jumper from Numskull who do some awesome geeky Christmas jumpers with some of my personal favourites being the BB-8, Pac-Man and PlayStation jumpers.  These can be bought from Amazon and can sometimes be found in other stores such as Game.


I feel like I could mention so many different products on Etsy that would be perfect for a gamer.  However since a lot of these are made to order you might want to double check if they would arrive in time and where they are shipped from!  A gaming print might look fantastic in a gaming room (or living room) and with prints from a variety of games and characters available, such as Tomb Raider, Link from The Legend of Zelda and Thane from the Mass Effect series, you may find the perfect print for the gamer in your life.  There is such a range of gaming related items on Etsy that I would suggest looking around as I’m sure you would find something suitable as a gift.


There are lots of books available related to gaming or specific video games which could be just the thing for a present.  The Assassin’s Creed series has related fiction books written by Oliver Bowden which could be perfect for a fan of the series.  There is also a colouring book which looks interesting.  Then of course there are strategy guides/collectors edition guides such as these for Pokémon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon, Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XV.  Or you could inspire the gamer in your life with this book on Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition.


Funko Pop figures have become really popular and are available in quite a few stores and online so they generally won’t be too hard to find.  They cover a variety of games and characters so you would be able to find something suitable if they have mentioned favourite games to you in the past.  Crash Bandicoot, Blinky (from Pac-Man), Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn, High Elf from The Elder Scrolls Online and JD Fenix from Gears of War have all been immortalised as a Funko Pop but there are so many others out there.


Other items of interest could be a Game Boy Heat Change Mug, Skyrim wallet or a Pac-Max Pixel Ghost Lamp from MenKind.  Keyrings could mean the gamer in your life could give their keys a suitably geeky touch, for instance with this Playstation 2 console keyring or Legend of Zelda Tri-force keyring.


Just a note to say I have no connection with any company or product mentioned here (or in the lists linked to posted by Later Levels and AmbiGaming).  I just think they are really cool for the gamer in your life.  Although if anyone wants some ideas for little gifts I would quite like then by all means get some ideas here… *cough* hint hint Player 2 *cough*


Now to get some Christmas shopping done…


Is there anything you are hoping to receive from Santa/family/friends this year?

4 thoughts on “A Christmas gift idea

    1. Lego advent calendars are great and definitely something I’d recommend.

      Thank you! I can keep dreaming and hoping! But if Santa (or someone in my family who is reading this or listening to me go on about the Switch) is kind enough I wouldn’t refuse.

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention! We’ve got a Funko Pop figure and the Guinness World Record book for a certain little gamer in our lives… sshhh don’t tell him… 😉


    1. No problem! I really liked the list you posted and thought it would be perfect to mention along side what I had written up. Your secret is safe with me, hope your little gamer likes the Funko Pop figure and the Guinness World Record book 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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