The Backlog Task

I try to play a variety of games across various systems.  This has meant that my games list has grown and the games I own now take up an increasing amount of space.  I keep track of what I own but not what I have actually played of this.  Add to this complication the fact that Player 2 owns games separately which are now completely mixed in and some don’t exactly appeal to me.  So, what stands on my backlog?  Well too many games (for my liking) if I’m completely honest.  I haven’t counted them but I would imagine it is not a number I want to know.



Some games that I have not started or spent a really short time on… one day!


Part of my issue is time.  I just don’t have time to play, particularly recently time has been getting tighter.  My work-life balance is a bit of a joke and with lots of adult responsibilities being added to my existing list of responsibilities recently I just don’t have time.  If I do have time, sometimes I find that I just don’t have the energy to play because so much has been going on.  A few years ago, with less responsibilities I could finish (or at least start) more games, and a bigger variety of games, but now this is not really a possibility.  I wish I had more time to play these days.


So in some ways the backlog has slowly grown, creeping up on myself because of the time factor.  In some ways with another Player’s games being joined with mine other games to add to it have found me without me trying.  That side is a bit more troublesome as you then find games that you didn’t necessarily consider when looking yourself, but now look really interesting.  So onto the backlog they go.  Then we look at free games, Games with Gold, PS Plus, On The House games from Origin etc all add in if you spot a game you want (and it’s free so no big deal, right?).  Yet they add another game to the pile so quickly without much notice.


I still buy games I want to play despite knowing that these will likely sit for a while before I have a chance to play them, and this makes the backlog seem worse.  Although I am generally not too bad with this due to budgets and honestly, I don’t often have the time to even browse for games in stores or online.  The budget aspect does help as I play more of what I already have whilst being less distracted by new games and therefore can work on combating the backlog.  I’m hoping that with the upcoming festive period and some time off I might get a chance to play more.


So, how do you cope with your backlog?  Do you have a backlog of games waiting to be played?  How many games roughly are there sat in your backlog?   Let me know in the comments.

30 thoughts on “The Backlog Task

  1. I really don’t know how people find the time to get through all the games they want to play! I haven’t counted mine, but new games seem to get released on the Switch nearly every day, and I’ve never owned a PS4 (saving up for a pro, but its going slowly!), so my list of games on that is huge. The problem is that everytime a big game comes out (say BOTW, or Odyssey, or shortly Xenoblade 2), I drop everything to play it, and everything else gets pushed to one side. Better than there being nothing to play though 🙂

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    1. We will always have something to play this way. I hope your saving for a PS4 Pro goes ok and you get there – even if that means more games get added to your list.

      I know what you mean about big releases and that happens with me too. Though when big releases are close to my birthday or Christmas they can be set aside for that which at least means I don’t push whatever I was playing to the side. It does lead to the problem of what to play first when I do get them though.

      I don’t know if anyone plays all the games they want to. I can’t imagine having the time for that.


    1. Dipping in and out generally helps. At least a little. There are good parts of the year for getting through older games but when there have been a lot of releases of new games I want that is when lists start to grow…

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  2. I just look at my backlog, then at the time, then die a little inside, then pick out a game I think i’ll enjoy and barely play it for long enough to get through the tutorial! Much Fun.

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      1. Perhaps we could impose a rule that we’re only allowed to talk to each other if we’re playing a game at the same time?

        And membership cards. We definitely need membership cards.


  3. Since I’m a game collector, I have a huge backlog. Lately, I tend to not finish all the games I play. When I have played them for 50% to 75%, I tend to get distracted by another game. But 2017 was full of finally finishing a ton of games I have almost beaten.

    I tend to not worry too much about my backlog. I’m happy that I have it actually, it makes me never bored or ask the question “what to play.”

    But the fact that I write weekly content and almost every time about a new game has something to do with it you know. I feel that I have to play a new game each week so I can talk about it.

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    1. I like your thoughts on having a new game to play and write about. It is a really nice way to think about it. I’m generally calling my games a collection and they make me happy whether I have started playing them already or not.

      I also enjoy the not having to worry about what to play and not getting bored as there is constantly a choice.

      When I ponder things like this it is generally because I have so many waiting to be played but I tend to leave the ones that have been waiting the longest on my list for last without even thinking about it. However I can definitely write about lots of games here if I get the chance to play them…

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  4. Ah, the ol’ backlog. That used to be the theme of my blog until I gave up that impossible fight, haha. I own 143 games I need to play still, and there are many more on my wish list. I’m just focusing on what I feel like playing, I guess. I do enjoy collecting games too.

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    1. It is a bit of an impossible fight but if we all enjoy the games we do (eventually) play then we will have fun. Ah don’t even start on the wish list for games as that adds quite a few to the list. Since I also want to try some games I have heard such good things but just haven’t tried yet my wish list should not be added to the backlog unless I actually get any of them. Also my wishlist includes games on systems I don’t yet own I should not include wishlists. I’m enjoying playing what I enjoy and feel like playing at the time. It feels like I’m spending my gaming time better when I do this rather than worry about the backlog (just don’t move your games to sort them and realise how many you actually haven’t played yet whilst you are trying not to think about your backlog).

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  5. This year I made two lists — one of each game on each of my consoles that I actually want to play at some point, and another of games I completed this year. I also have a twitter thread that started in January that I add to with each completion. Just seeing progress makes it feel less daunting, but I also had to come to terms with the fact I just don’t have enough time to finish *everything*. It sucks, but if I want to check out the shiny new stuff that releases, some games will have to get pushed aside. If you know how fast you can complete games, like if you know you only have time for 10 a year, then I’d take a hard look at the backlog and prioritize 10 games you want to play the most. At least then you’ll enjoy it more.

    My backlog grows with Steam sales and Playstation store sales, then the Switch came out and yada yada yada. It never ends!

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    1. I definitely want to keep track of what I complete next year so I can see how it all stacks up. I am planning on going through the list of games we own and note the ones I am still to play and want to play so I can see where I should start with the backlog. Mind you the list of games we own may not be up to date any more as I haven’t updated it with recent purchases so might need to work on that too.

      Part of why I want to keep track of games I play and complete next year is so I know how many I can realistically complete and feel like I am making progress. As you say it will be less daunting as you are seeing progress.

      It definitely sucks that you can’t finish everything and games get pushed to the side, but it doesn’t end. The games at least will be there waiting for all of us to get round to playing them!


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