November releases

It’s November.  A new month of games releases.  Am I interested in anything released this month?  Well yes.


So the Xbox One X is released this month on the 7th November.  Has anyone preordered this console?  I’m glad there is going to be a mix of games upscaled to work with the increased capabilities of the Xbox One X.  I hope anyone who is getting one of these on release day, or at another time, enjoys it and please let me know what it is like.


Now back to game releases…


The big one of the month for a lot of gamers will be Call Of Duty: WWII (3rd November), but I’m not overly excited by Call Of Duty games so I’m just quickly going to put it here and move on.  This does look really good, but not a real priority to me.


More exciting for me is Star Wars: Battlefront II (17th November).  I enjoyed the first one, although missed having a single player storyline.  I may not have been that good at Star Wars: Battlefront but that didn’t mean I didn’t enjoy it.  From what I have been hearing recently this could come with its own set of drawbacks but I do want to get it and try out the single player aspect.  Maybe even delve into multiplayer and prove that my skills haven’t improved in that part yet…  Not that I will be getting this for release but Player 2 is most definitely interested in this and it would make a good present so perhaps by the end of the year I will have a chance to check this out.


Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon is a big thing for me.  I’m so excited that this is out on the 17th November for the 3DS. I love Pokémon games, and have been spending a lot of time over the past few months on Pokémon Sun again to get ready for this release.  This is definitely the game I am most excited for this month and what I want most.


Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2 is out on the 17th November.  Its Lego and Marvel so I’m sure to enjoy it.  Everyone should try at least one Lego game, and they have such a great design and sense of humour.  It doesn’t necessarily require you to love Marvel to enjoy it as the puzzles and levels can be such fun regardless although it may help in some cases especially when you need to find a character with a certain ability.


Other games that I’m excited to see what they are like are Sonic Forces (7th Novmeber, Xbox One/PS4/Nintendo Switch) and Super Lucky’s Tale (7th November, Xbox One).  These look intriguing and I really want to try them out.  Hopefully I will get a chance to soon!  Need for Speed: Payback is out on the 10th November on PS4/Xbox One and I’m hopeful that this will be a great game.  I love driving games as I have mentioned before here so this is something to look forward to.


In case you missed it The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is coming to Nintendo Switch on the 17th November.  Are you planning on getting this, and if so will this be your first time playing it?  I’m interested to see how it works on the Switch.  The game itself has such popularity so I hope this opens it up to some other people who haven’t yet played it.  Also, The Sims 4 is coming to Xbox One and PS4 on the 17th November.  I haven’t played a Sims games in years but used to thoroughly enjoy it.  I am sure it has changed a lot since I last played, albeit I played on PC.


Are you looking forward to any games being released this month?  Do you have any pre-ordered?  Are you planning to get anything after release?  Let me know in the comments.

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