October gaming

So my gaming time this month has been even more restrictive because being an adult can really be awful when everything happens at once.  However, these are my brief thoughts on what I have played this month.


I have been playing Gone Home: Console Edition (Xbox One).  I did a little review of this wonderful game here.  This is a fantastic game, and I can’t believe it has taken me so long to play this.  Lots of thanks to Games with Gold for highlighting this game to me.  Go play it!


So I had been playing Hitman The Complete First Season (Xbox One) again.  I had previously talked about my first steps into Hitman games here and I’m still playing it.  This month I only tried to do one level again in a different way rather than continuing with a new location and target,  I definitely need to finish this up soon.  I just need to have some more time to play to go through these levels effectively.


Another little bit of time was given to Rayman 3 HD (Xbox 360).  It was another Games with Gold title for early October and I had a little bit of fun here.  I did only play for a little while but looking forward to playing a bit more.


Another Games with Gold title that I have been playing is The Turing Test (Xbox One).  Filled with puzzles and a name that interests me from the actual Turing Test itself.  This is one I’m keen to finish and find out what has happened.  So far I’ve made it to Chapter 6 – hopefully a thoughts/review blog post in the future!


A game I decided to play again as an “easy, don’t have to think about it” collectible hunting game experience was Assassins Creed Syndicate (Xbox One).  Honestly, this month I have been having a tough time so just going back into London to find the chests/Helix glitches/letters and such like has been quite nice as it was quite easy to spend time doing and didn’t require too much whilst also keeping my mind occupied.  I was tempted to try to get 100% sync on some of the missions I didn’t get originally but haven’t done that yet.  Maybe I will get stuck in to some of the missions and memories again.


And those games have been my gaming choices for this month.  What have you been playing this month?  Let me know in the comments.


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