A Dark and Ghostly Halloween

So tomorrow the ghosts and ghouls shall come out to play as Halloween comes round again.  The pumpkins will be carved and sweets given to those in costume.  In true Halloween tradition of scary I thought about giving my thoughts on a horror game…. and then I realised that the chances of me making it through even half an hour of a horror game are slim to none.  Therefore, I will give you the low down of my five favourite ghost/dark Pokémon.  Totally the same thing, right?!



Pikachu says Happy Halloween!

For this I am including any Pokemon that has Dark or Ghost type either as their primary or secondary type.


  1. Umbreon

I love Eevee and all her evolutions (or Eeveelution if you wish), so I had to include the wonderful Umbreon.  First introduced in Generation II Umbreon is known as the moonlight pokemon, and is purely a dark type.


  1. Mimikyu

Mimikyu’s story is so sad and mysterious.  This Ghost/Fairy type Pokémon was first introduced in Generation VII and is rather unknown.  The disguise Mimikyu chooses mimics the look of Pikachu as it wishes to make friends.  The disguise can be rumbled of course, but I would want to make friends with Mimikyu as I know what loneliness can be like.


  1. Houndour

Houndour is another Pokémon on this list first introduced in Generation II but this time it is a Dark/Fire type.  The reason for including Houndour here is because in the anime Houndour appear in packs and don’t abandon any member of their pack.  Definitely a team player and a keeper.


  1. Gastly/Haunter/Gengar

Ever so slightly cheating here but I didn’t want to cheat too much and add the evolutions separately so I could vary the list a bit more.  I loved each of them from the anime, especially with the episode Scary Hospitality where you see that they just want to have fun and play tricks on unsuspecting visitors to them.  They also seem very loyal to their trainers.


  1. Pumpkaboo

A lovely Generation VI Pokémon which I had to include simply because of its name and look.  Very Halloween appropriate to me.  Pumpkaboo is a Ghost/Grass type.  In the anime Jessie (from Team Rocket) has a super size Pumpkaboo (very rare – not the she realised Pumpkaboo was super sized or rare until it was pointed out).  It evolves into Gourgeist who I could also include for the whole Halloween look but not this time.


Happy Halloween, for tomorrow, and may you all have a spooktacular day (yes I’ll stop!).


Any favourite Ghost/Dark type Pokémon?  Any Halloween plans?  Let me know in the comments.

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