Overheard in a game shop

Once again entering the magical realm of game shops where so many moments happen which make you question what actually just happened. Again, this could be a game shop or any retailer which sells games as well, as these moments can occur anywhere.

The one that I still haven’t quite worked out what happened was when I overheard the sales assistant trying to help a mother choose a console bundle for their child’s birthday. They were really helpful and answering her questions (gold star to the sales assistant). What got me was the mother had got her choice down to two different bundles I think, with the only difference being the games added with the console. Perfectly understandable as if she doesn’t take interest in games herself they wouldn’t mean much. So, all the games were explained clearly so even I who didn’t know what console bundles were on offer could tell the games included. Except for one. The game description I heard was “it’s very popular and like Call of Duty for kids”.

What does everyone think of this description? Any guesses on the game? Let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Overheard in a game shop

    1. Would have been my thought too if it wasn’t for the fact they were talking about Xbox bundles. It is a good guess though! I’m sure the sales assistant thought it made sense as a description.


      1. Xbox huh? In that case, I don’t have any idea what it was! Maybe the sales assistant was trying to capitalise on the one game he thought the mum might have heard of – and a title her child might have already asked to play. 😉


      2. That is a possibility as it is a very popular game series and one that a lot of parents would have heard of from their children. The descriptions for other games were really quite good though they were maybe a bit easier to describe and for her to understand. If it was a description for Splatoon I wouldn’t have been so confused.


  1. sounds like splatoon 2, am i right? but saying it’s call of duty for kids is probably a great selling tactic for a parent lacking knowledge of gaming. Call of duty is very popular, surely everyone has heard of it. However it’s too violent for kids, but if it’s like CoD for kids, well then sir take my money.


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