Impressions of Hitman

I have always meant to get around to playing a Hitman game.  I own one which was a Games with Gold title a few years back, and thanks to my Player 2 I have access to (or own depending on if we count all our games as jointly owned) several others.  I just haven’t yet got around to playing any of them.  However, I have recently started playing Hitman The Complete First Season on Xbox One so what are my impressions of this and Hitman based on my first venture into the world of Agent 47.  So far, I have played the missions in the Intro Pack, Paris, Sapienza and Marrakesh, so I am roughly half way through as it stands.


Game: Hitman The Complete First Season

Developer: Io Interactive

Publisher: Square Enix

Version: Xbox One (disc)


The premise of the game seems to be the same as all other Hitman games, I’m not saying this as a criticism although it may sound that way.  Instead I mean this as a reassurance, that despite the format change to an episode based game it retains the main idea of past games.  As I have nothing to compare this to I find the episodic nature works well as you have amazing settings and interesting variety of targets with their own backstories.  The vast array of methods you can employ as Agent 47 to assassinate the target in each mission are welcome and allow for great replay value.  I have spent some time attempting the missions a few times in order to get to complete extra challenges and see what happens if you approach the mission differently.  I can see myself doing this with the other missions as well, although I still have plenty of challenges to attempt for the missions so far.


The main story that links each mission plays out over cutscenes although I don’t want to comment too much as I’m sure more shall be revealed and could influence my thoughts on the story.


The locations of the main missions (I’m excluding the Prologue/Intro Pack here as that is slightly different) are all so well designed and show the grand nature of the world that Agent 47 is infiltrating.  This makes a nice contrast to the simplicity of Agent 47’s appearance, just a bald man with a smart suit.  He blends to an extent but is not a part of the rich society that he works his way into and takes out targets from.  A favourite so far is Sapienza, there is just something so beautiful about this setting.  In complete contrast to the autumnal weather I can see out of my window, but it lets me forget for a while about the true state of the weather when I am wandering around Sapienza.  The game itself creates such detailed locations with so many rooms and corridors or grounds, which allow for so much exploration, that it is almost surprising that each location is essentially just one small part.


The missions being contained in one episode works nicely for me.  Each mission and the target(s) can be self-contained and it means that IO have made such a variety.  I think this is quite a good way to format the Hitman games, and would be interested in another of this style.  Admittedly I haven’t played previous games, so perhaps this could change if I play another Hitman game that isn’t episodic.  I think the episodic design makes this quite easy for me as a Hitman newbie to approach the game and means it is very accessible.  Hopefully this is also a nice change for existing fans of Hitman.


These are simply my initial thoughts but I am thoroughly enjoying this game and would recommend it based on what I have played so far.  I also haven’t attempted any of the Escalation contracts or the Elusive targets, but hope to in the future.


Have you played this game?  What did you think of it and does it live up to past Hitman games?  Let me know in the comments.

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