September gaming

September has been a really busy month for me but I still managed to get some games played.  So what have I been playing?


Pokémon Sun (3DS) has once again been played.  I picked this up again last month and it is getting me in the mood for Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon in November.  I mentioned this a bit more in my August gaming list so I won’t say too much more here.  This has probably been my most played game, although my lack of time means this isn’t exactly a large amount of time versus the other games on this list.


Batman Arkham City (Xbox 360) has been keeping me busy.  I decided to play this again and have gone through the story as (most) of the side missions (yes there are still Riddler trophies all over Arkham City…).  I love helping Batman solve crimes and take down the bad guys so this was great time spent.  I haven’t done all the challenge maps and such like but might go back to that at another point.


I finally got round to starting Hitman The Complete First Season (Xbox One).  In fairness, this was bought by my Player 2 when it was first released in steelbook/disc format so it isn’t quite as long a delay from release that I have actually played it.  It has, however, spent far too long on my “to be played” list.  I’m enjoying the stealth required and the challenges to make me try each mission in a different way which I am slowly working my way through.  I do want to try to use the cannons in Sapienza, although I haven’t worked out how to use these effectively (yet!) but hopefully soon.  I’m finding so much replay value here so it is still enjoyable after replaying missions a few times.  I did consider doing a very late to the Hitman party review/thoughts post but with time constraints and this game having been released last year I’m on the fence on whether to do this.


Like I said, it has been a quiet gaming month due to a busy day to day life but I did have a fun month playing these.  What have you been playing this month?



2 thoughts on “September gaming

  1. I finished Pyre earlier this month, which was fantastic. Now getting my teeth into Destiny 2, but I’m not much of a social gamer so I’m playing it more casually than I think it’s meant to be played. Pokemon games are always worth playing – how does Sun compare to some of the other games in the series?

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  2. Hope you enjoy Destiny 2, even if you are playing it more casually than is perhaps expected.

    I think Sun feels very different to the rest whilst still being familiar enough. The big change is you don’t have gyms but you go through trials to progress which are each quite different. The location being based on islands each with their own Pokédex which builds to the Alola total Pokédex and each island seeing some different Pokémon is good as it isn’t too much of the same thing. Ultra beasts are an interesting addition as are the Alolan forms of Pokémon seen in previous games. I think the changes to the standard Pokémon formula actually work really well and I’ve really enjoyed it. Sun/Moon did really well in how it plays and I’m hoping Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon will add to this again. I would definitely recommend it for old Pokémon players and new ones.


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