Overheard in a game shop

As I have said before game shops (and other retailers who sell games) can be the perfect place for humorous moments.

Kids are hilarious. Their natural desire for attention plus saying exactly what they think and wanting to play with anything can lead to some funny moments. This can also lead to tired parents but that is another story.

I was looking at games in a really quiet store one day. In total, there was me and one father with his young child (say 5 years old), plus the sales assistants. Like I say, quiet. The child was full of energy and just wanted to pick up everything and talk about everything. This child also had an uncanny ability to point at everything that was 18 rated. Every time the child pointed at something or picked it up, it was declared that this is my favourite game ever and would proudly show the father this one. The father just laughed and smiled every time, as he had not played any of the games his child had picked and said that they were not suitable for the child.

It was the adorable innocence of the child wanting to play in the store, making the trip fun and just picking anything and everything at his eye level to be his favourite.

What moments have you had in game shops that stick in your memory?

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