Driving into my heart 

I enjoy racing games.  The speed.  The cars. The ridiculous turns that I absolutely could not make in real life.  Although let’s face it I wouldn’t be able to drive so well on a race track if I was put in charge of a race car.  Racing games allow me the chance to play and drive as fast as I can and beat everyone (at least in some cases).  I can drive down highways and round race tracks which I can only imagine but they look wonderful when you enter the game world.  So what are my favourite racing games?


  1. Mario Kart

I can’t have a list of racing games without a mention of Mario Kart.  Responsible for many a family argument but many hours of fun.  Who doesn’t enjoy sneaking into first place after a perfectly timed blue shell?  I have played various versions of Mario Kart and am always pleased to return to any of them.  Despite trying to pick a particular version for this list I can’t decide.  These are perfect games to play with your family and still good fun on your own.  (But don’t blame me if there are some arguments as you all try to beat each other!)


  1. Blur

An Xbox 360/PS3/PC racing game which I think follows nicely from my first entry.  In Blur, you have an excellent single player career mode where you try to take on some bosses after completing challenges.  This allows you to gain access to cars and mods.  These are great fun, and challenging in order to get as many fans as possible and complete each one appropriately.   The multiplayer was also great to do, albeit I do not know if this is still active or not these days, but I didn’t spend too much of my time online with this game.  The locations were interesting and learning the tracks was always advisable as with other games.  Every little improvement you could make to a time or to the number of fans you got made a difference.


  1. Forza Horizon

I was so excited when I first heard about Forza Horizon.  I played this single player and online quite a lot.  This has become a series and we are currently at Forza Horizon 3.  Each of these games has been based in a fabulous location and I thoroughly enjoy these.  Even if finding every road is often ridiculously annoying and I still remain determined to drive down every road.  I’m back playing Forza Horizon 3 again after taking a break from it and I am wondering why I took that break.  I think Forza Horizon 3 has edged its way into the favourite Forza Horizon game of the three but each is worth a play and then some.  I haven’t played any of the expansions for Forza Horizon 3 but they also look great fun.


  1. Need for Speed

I was unsure which Need for Speed game to include in this list so have made it very general.  Each has its own feel and having played several I was a bit stuck.  The first one that came to mind was Need for Speed Most Wanted as this was the first one that I properly played (as in put some consistent time into it).  I was (sort of) late to the party!  I had played some Need for Speed games previously but not for as long or in as much detail as I did Most Wanted so I take that as my first proper Need for Speed game, although it isn’t technically.  I played a lot and sometimes just drove around (doesn’t everyone do this at some point when driving in games).  The games are worth getting into, I still find them very enjoyable today and there is a new Need for Speed (Payback) coming in November which should be very exciting.


  1. Crash Team Racing

A Play Station classic (in my eyes)!  Do I need to say much about this?  I believe this was one of the earliest racing games I played.  I used to play this with a friend who had it as I don’t think I owned it at the time.  I mainly liked it because I used to play Crash Bandicoot games and replay all the levels, and this was racing plus the characters from those games.  It has been years since I last played this but I have so many good memories attached to this game.  Maybe it is my rose-tinted glasses but this still has a special place for me.


What do you think of my choices?  Any I should have mentioned and should try if I haven’t played them?  Or any recommendations for racing games that I should look into?  Let me know in the comments.

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