September releases

September is a great month for games releases so what am I excited for (even if I don’t own the system the games will be on)?


The Nintendo Switch is getting some fantastic games this month and despite not owning one I am psyched to see how these are received.  Top of my list for the Switch releases is Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition (released 12th September).  I have enjoyed Rayman games since I first played them on the PS1 and own and have played Rayman Legends on Xbox One and Xbox 360.  This is a fun platformer which is a sequel to Rayman Origins, although there is no requirement to have played this.  I think this will work brilliantly on the Switch and look forward to hearing the thoughts on this version of the game.   Another exciting game for the Switch will be Pokkén Tournament DX (released 22nd September).  Again, this should work nicely on the Switch being able to play at home or out and about.


In other Nintendo release news, the Nintendo Classic Mini SNES is out on the 29th September.  Sadly I didn’t manage to snag a preorder, which in all honesty I wasn’t expecting after the same outcome for the Classic Mini NES.  I hope everyone who managed to get one enjoys owning it and the games on it!  I want to hear how you all find it.


I am intrigued by Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider (released 15th September) for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.  Personally I have not (as of yet – gaming backlog!) played a Dishonored game but this one also looks interesting.  If you play this after it’s release, let me know what you think of it.  Project CARS 2 (released 22nd September) doesn’t excite me as much as Project CARS when it was originally released in 2015.  Unfortunately I am terrible at it.  Hence my lack of enthusiasm for this sequel – but that is my personal lack of skill.  If I was a bit better at the original I would definitely put this on my to buy list.


Other big (and multi-format) releases this month include Destiny 2 (released 6th September), PES 2018 (released 14th September) and FIFA 18 (released 29th September).  Personally it is unlikely I will own any of these, however I wouldn’t completely discount it.  The fan base of these is massive and I’m sure they will be enjoyed by many.


What are you looking forward to this month and what are you picking up upon release?  Let me know in the comments.




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