Skills I wish existed in real life

When we play games we get to become so many different characters who have so many skills or access to gadgets which I wish existed.  They welcome us into their worlds and let us play with the skills and gadgets, before we return to our actual world without these things.  These are 5 of my choices for what I would want to use from games in my real life.


1.  Fast Travel

Not quite a gadget but definitely a skill/ability that I want.  Want to get to your meeting on the other side of town?  Fast travel.  Finished work and want to get home quick?  Fast travel.  Want to visit a friend or family who live far away?  Fast travel.  Late to an appointment?  Fast travel.  It’s the perfect ability for the lazy and the chronically late, as well as anyone who hates public transport or driving.  Ideal.  I mean imagine Monday mornings if this existed!


2.  Eagle Vision

I lose things a lot.  Keys, wallet/purse and phone being the usual suspects for what I am searching for.  If I had eagle vision I could just activate it and look round and have them glow that lovely bright way and I could get them straight away.  Ahh if only.


3.  The ability to run constantly

I’m not a runner, by any means.  It doesn’t overly interest me as it is quite boring (in my opinion), but is a fantastic way to get fit and stay active.  However, I am not the fittest person ever.  I’d quite like Mario’s unending ability to run without getting out of breath as unrealistic as it may be.  To be quite honest I think I need his workout schedule to get me started!


4.  Rewind time

Life is Strange gave us a short time where we could go back and change our path.  We could manipulate time and rewind a short amount of time if we needed to.  So if we accidentally offended someone or made the wrong food choice we could go back and redo it.  I’d enjoy this for a while.  Just to use every so often, if you make a bad decision that you regret straight away you can undo it and it never happened.  Only you would know.


5.  Fast Build

Any Lego game you play eventually gives you the fast build ability.  It does what it says on the tin for sure.  Personally, I’d like to put this to good use when doing any sort of DIY or building flat pack furniture.  It would mean no arguments and moving into a new place with new furniture (if you are building it) would be a breeze.  Putting beds together, wardrobes, storage units would suddenly be no problem at all.  Then you can put your feet up and have a well deserved rest.


What skills and abilities would you like?  Let me know in the comments.



2 thoughts on “Skills I wish existed in real life

  1. I always had this dream that I could do anything, and simply rewind 5 minutes at any time I wanted to. Just to “see what would happen,” kind of thing. Like jump off a building to feel the pure rush and adrenaline, but then press a button and bam, be back up on the building, safe and sound. But, if I need Fast Travel, I just take my motorcycle! 😀

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    1. That would be a good Life is Strange style ability. Terrifying depending on what you were doing before using the ability! But you would (or should) be safe at the end of it.

      Haha the traffic near you can’t be as bad as I sometimes get stuck in. I dream of fast travel.


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