You have had a Mass Effect on me

I have played and loved the Mass Effect trilogy, albeit late compared to everyone else. I played them one after the other so I had a whirlwind adventure into the universe with Shepard and his team. I fell in love with the universe and the team. I explored everywhere I could and learnt as much about every one and every thing I could.

I looked forward to Mass Effect: Andromeda. I was so excited when I finally managed to get it. By this point I had heard all the complaints and seen the screenshots of the awkward looking animations and so on. I knew that it was likely imperfect but that didn’t stop me from being excited. So now after playing it for a while, what are my thoughts?

Mass Effect Andromeda

I have been playing this for a long time (over 100 hours according to my Xbox One) so I guess that answers the question of am I enjoying the game. Yes absolutely. I enjoy exploring the new galaxy with Ryder and the team, and the planets look fantastic, although I personally dislike Havarl. I am enjoying the combat in the game as it works well, in my opinion. I also like the story if we talk in the broad terms of going to a new galaxy to find a home, I know others have been unsure but I have personally enjoyed working my way through it. Learning about the Initiative and the crew has been interesting, but I do admit that this is not always the most exciting. I have spent a lot of time on the additional tasks and missions, rather than progressing the story quickly in order to get a fuller view of the cluster and the inhabitants. There is a vast choice of skills which I am working my way through adding to, so I now have a well-rounded character who can turn to such a variety of skills in combat that I may have to worry if I ever met Ryder in person. Being able to switch between profile types is a nice addition and means you aren’t locked into any specific play style, and your profile type can complement your preferred skills well when you find which skills you like using the most.

It is a shame that the new galaxy you are sent to explore only has a small selection of alien species. I would have thought a new galaxy would have had more species to learn about but apparently not. I have experienced some other issues with the game. These include characters not appearing when I am tasked to speak to them, doors taking a while to open to the point where I have wondered if I would be stuck in the room and sometimes the background would almost flash as it didn’t render properly. Another favourite was my squad mate falling through the planet surface and seeing the top of their head until they suddenly appeared as normal beside me.

I would also recommend keeping two saves just in case, as at times I have had to load a previous save as there has been a problem. On one occasion a battle could have continued for as long as it wanted as it could not progress to the next section, when prompted to attack an area this didn’t open up as required. The other problem I have experienced was being stuck in an infinite loading screen as a problem occurred whilst trying to land on a planet, luckily a previous save whilst still on the Tempest allowed me to continue.

In summary, it isn’t a perfect game by any means but it is still a worthwhile game to play. I have enjoyed it and believe that everyone should give it a go and start it without expecting it to be Mass Effect 4 as it is not designed to be that. It is an enjoyable role-playing game, with great combat and beautiful planets to explore. The story will be personal preference, I have enjoyed it to the point I am at although it does seem to have a lot of filling with additional tasks which can be quite repetitive.

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