Price rises

So a few weeks ago it was announced that the cost of PlayStation Plus was going to increase by around 25% for an annual subscription as of August 31st.  A one year subscription to Xbox Live Gold is still remaining at £39.99, so now there will be a price difference between the services.  This got me thinking, what price do we as players think is worthwhile and how to we determine its value?


If Sony uses this extra revenue to improve the service then I think this will put the money to good use.  However, it is unfortunate for the loyal subscribers who will feel put out by the increase with little advance warning.  From a business perspective this is not an unexpected occurrence but from a consumers viewpoint it feels like a let down.   I personally subscribe to Xbox Live Gold as I don’t currently own a PlayStation console at the moment (unfortunately), so this doesn’t affect me directly, at least not at the moment, but could result in changes in the cost for Xbox Live Gold.


Realistically players using these services have two choices – either put up the extra cash and keep subscribing if you use the online services and/or enjoy the free games and discounts, or cancel your subscription.  Either option is perfectly valid and depends on how you view the service offered.  If Xbox Live Gold increases to the new costs for PlayStation Plus would I continue to subscribe?  Yes, because I play online and I enjoy the free games as they let me try games I might overlook otherwise.  The Deals with Gold I use every so often so whilst not a main selling point this also sweetens the deal.  For me, it would be worth it.  Will you be continuing your subscription of PlayStation Plus after the price rises and is it still worth it?


I guess we will see what happens and if this change pays off for Sony.



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