Overheard in a game shop

We have all had those moments where we are minding our own business just browsing or queuing in a game shop (or other retailer who sells games) and we hear something ridiculous. The non-gamer purchasing a game or attempting to find out about a game or a console. The person judging a game by its cover. The sales assistant desperately wanting a sale and trying to convince someone to buy a product that may or may not be what they actually want. The kids running around and amusing themselves and their parents/other customers by what they say. This is for those moments as they can be absolutely golden.

Not long before Christmas last year I was casually looking at games, as you do. Beside me were a couple looking for a suitable game for their early teenage son (by context). This is all so normal it practically faded into the background. They seemed to be struggling as every time the wife picked a game, the husband disagreed and vice versa. After going through a few, Rocket League was picked up and the husband examines the box in a sort of what is this type manner. I had been playing this at the time and was about to say how good it was, when the husband pipes up that it looks rubbish and why would they waste money on that. So, I moved down a bit, and the next game option selected was Call of Duty… here comes an argument. It became abundantly clear that the wife was ok with the son playing this sort of game but the husband had no clue. They left rather quickly bickering about how the son should not be allowed these games as he is not old enough, but he has apparently already played other Call of Duty games.

This is why parents should talk to each other about game choices and look at the age ratings on games. By all means let your kids play games but at least look at what they play and see if it is appropriate, and if as parents you agree on the choices together. Seriously make the choices together as one approving of game choices and the other disapproving is not helpful.

Also, don’t discount Rocket League as it is a great game.

5 thoughts on “Overheard in a game shop

  1. Having worked in games retail a few years back and been the guy warning unaware parent’s of what exactly San Andreas contained before they bought it for little Billy I can give you the saddest response to my efforts.

    “Thanks mate but it’ll be just like the films he watches anyway”.

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    1. To be honest that makes me really sad, but it also doesn’t surprise me. I think there is a general lack of understanding that age ratings on games actually mean something and what games can be like (by parents who have no interest in games themselves/lack interest in what their kids are playing). I really appreciate when the staff have honest conversations with customers who have no knowledge of games but are looking for their kids, like the way you are describing, but that doesn’t always happen and the parents often don’t care if it does.


  2. I think all kids and grown ups should play rocket leagues. One of my favourite multiplayer game over the past few years since it’s release.

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    1. Absolutely agree! Rocket League is fantastic and I think everyone should play it. I really have to play it again as it has been a while since I last did but it is so much fun. It really would be enjoyable for everyone regardless of age and really shouldn’t be discounted automatically.

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