Let me tell you a tale of Bruce Wayne and Batman…

I recently completed Batman: The Telltale Series, as a fan of the episodic nature of Telltale games combined with the impacting choices you get to make, as well as Batman I was most looking forward to this.  That all being true I waited until recently to purchase it and play it and I know I am likely to purchase Batman: The Enemy Within at some point in the future.


As with other Telltale games, this is an episodic single player game, with decisions made which impact on future interactions.  The art style used by Telltale seemed especially appropriate for this Batman game, or any character from a comic book or graphic novel, as it feels quite like you have entered the comic book when you get to look around.  Generally, each episode was enjoyable and a completely different feel to other Batman games which you may have played.  This is due to the focus on Bruce Wayne, the way other characters within the DC universe are introduced and how each of these characters connect.  The character development within the game, and the way you become a more confident Bruce Wayne towards the end was appealing and it shows how the events of the game can impact a character.  All in all it was a game that I had fun following through to the end and wanted to know where the story would lead.


Is this my favourite Batman game?  Well… no.  However, it is such a different style to other Batman games that it made a nice change in my opinion.  To experience such a well established character in a different light was a pleasure.  Is this my favourite Telltale game?  Also no.  However, I would absolutely recommend that people give this a try if they haven’t played it before, particularly if you enjoy Telltale’s other games and this style of storytelling.  There isn’t a need to rush out and try it but if you are looking for something to play (and possibly something a little different) please consider this game.  Hopefully, Batman: The Enemy Within will be just as enjoyable.


Note – I played this on Xbox One, although it is also available on Xbox 360, PS3, PS4, PC and mobile.

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